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Last Update: Nov 2021

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After growing this collection for half a decade I decided it was time to give it a proper home, with search and filter capabilities and all.

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This page will stay reachable for some time, but I will not update in anymore.

I really like procedural content generation. Like - a lot.
Therefore I am constantly collecting and bookmarking everything PCG related I can find on the Internet, be it blog entries, talks or scientific papers.
I also frequently see questions like 'How can I start with procedural generation?' or 'Does someone have information on <PCG topic of your choice>?' on my favourite subreddit, which most often lead to me combing through my bookmarks and copying some of them to reddit.
And since I am pretty lazy, too, I now hereby declare this little piece of the internet to be my official list of references, links and other resources henceforth. I shall maintain and cherish it, so that it may grow to grandness and quality man hath not seen.

Of course there are several other hubs out there, collections of knowledge. Some of them are:

If you find any mistakes or dead links, or if you don't find something you think should be on here, contact me at or on reddit.


Terrain generated with WorldMachine

New Additions

Since this site is growing and growing for quite some time now and I sometimes fear that awesome resources drown in the mass of links here, I decided to add a section in which I highlight the latest additions (current and last month).

PCG In General

Basic Techniques

Random Number Generation (RNG)


Midpoint Displacement

Point Sampling


Voronoi Diagrams

Cellular Automata

Grammars and L-Systems

Mazes / Labyrinths


Wave Function Collapse

Boids & Flocking Behaviour

The Creation of...

Here is a list of talks/articles in which developers talk about how they used procedural generation in their games.




Map Generation

Dungeon / Level Generation

Floor Plans / Buildings



Modular Level Design

Not directly procedural generation, but might be helpful.





A few talks about working with procedural content generation and integrating it into workflows.

Design Aspects & Analysis


Other Stuff

Disclaimer: Obviously most of the resources linked to on this site are not my intellectual property.


Theobald Beyer

Procedural Generation
Shaders / Graphics