FireSpark is a serious game created to impart an understanding of computer networks and network security to the user.
To achieve this, the user slips into the role of a hacker. As part of an underground hacking organisation he tries to bankrupt a group of evil companies using several basic hacking techniques like DDOS attacks, SQL injections and packet sniffing.

Roboy Adventures

Roboy Adventures is a puzzle game consisting of equipping and programming a robot. It is a single-player game and the goal is to beat different levels with certain win conditions. The only way to achieve this is to equip him accordingly and program him accurately.


Tired of playing against your frinds? Play with them in this cooperative game against time! Keep your drilling platform operative as long as possible, before everything explodes.

Primal Rampage

Primal Rampage is a round based strategy game created during a game jam. It features a classic rock-paper-scissors unit system, procedurally generated maps and dinosaurs!

Clash of Elements

Clash of Elements is couch multiplayer brawler where players fight against each other with different elementals.

Anubis Dungeon

Anubis Dungeon is an Action Adventure where you fight various enemies like anubis soliders with earth magic spells.


HyperCore is a VR game written for the 5-sided CAVE installation at the LRZ. A spatially tracked hand-held controller and a tracking system for the stereographic vision were used. The user has to throw a ball into a special cube to finish the levels.

The Lynth Colony

The Lynth Colony is a real-time economic simulation game, in which the player builds a base on a desert planet. We developed it during a one week game jam.


In Arin46 is a split screen space shooter where you have to deliver pizza to space residents.

Insane Asylum

Insane Asylum plays in an asylum where one guard tries to stop the other players from killing themself.

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest is a coop brawler for two players where the typical story is reversed and the player fights for the dragon.


Random Sledgehammer is the combination of a tower defense game and first person shooter. It also supports multiplayer.

Shaolin Racoon

Shaolin Racoon is a small 2D tower defense game which is rather balanced.

Time Scratch

Time Scratch is a platformer where you can create a clon of yourself to solve complicated levels.

Operation Dreadful Grave

Operation Dreadful Grave is a turn based strategy game where you play in a table top like environment.

BMW World Adventure

BMW World Adventures is an adventure game where you play through three levels with different tasks. Each level features a different architectural design.


Forlog is a script language and a processing tool for this language. With Forlog the user can easily write grammars to procedurally generate text output.

Generation of Worlds and Levels for RPGs

This work presents an approach to implement a generator for a whole, complex and interconnected world for a role-playing game in which the story is used as a scaffolding for the world to be wrapped around so that the world is best suited to accommodate the story.

Hydraulic Erosion on Arbitrary Heightfields

The creation of realistic looking terrain is an important part in the movie industry as well as in computer games and simulations. One of the greatest challenges of generating terrain are the effects of erosion. Those effects can be found everywhere in nature and are a vital part of natural looking terrain.

Procedural Castle Generator

The award winning procedural castle generator.

Ancient Battles in VR

A Serious Game about Ancient Battles in Virtual Reality.

Reconstruction of Ancient Statues

This work aims to virtually reconstruct ancient damaged statues based on other similar statues and display the reconstructed parts at the exhibit using Augmented Reality.